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Through the Linkedin looking glass; What is a Modern Day Mad Man?

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There it was, my Linkedin profile, led off by the caption ‘Advertising & Branding Creative Communications Pro, Copywriter, Consultant and Modern Day Mad Man’. Which I loved. The only problem was what came next, a paragraph that read like the bullet points in a resume, a solid, even enviable list of career highlights and abilities…it just wasn’t engaging. And it didn’t sound like what a Modern Day Man should be, which is anything but boring. So this morning it was time to act.  Have a look if you will. Hell, I’d even love to know what you think of it. Or just go ahead and hire me ; ) And by the way, at the end, where it says scroll on, that’s referring to the rest of my Linkedin Profile. Which if you’re really curious, please feel free to browse*

So here’s what I replaced the old version with:

Every picture tells a story, but not everyone’s equal when it comes to seeing what that can mean. I’m an  independent advertising and branding pro available for consulting, freelance and staff opportunities.


I partner with many of the most happening companies around – from Movie studios and Broadcast Networks to cutting edge manufacturers to hip marketing consultancies and Ad agencies -finding the freshest and most memorable creative – copy, names, campaigns – to brand their products, identities and services as the cool, engaging experiences they can be.

I believe that if you emotionally connect with an audience, get them to smile, comment, feel excitement, you’ll make a far more powerful relationship than tired, safe approaches achieve. Tired safe approaches, yesterday’s news, aren’t going to drive results tomorrow. I believe in uncovering      your personality and putting it out there.

I believe you’ve got to rock your brand if you want anybody to buy it. You’ve  got to get out on the floor if you want your audience to dance.


My guiding principle is that it’s ultimately the dance people really care about (I also like to get as close as possible to the edge of a cliff…but you don’t have to come that far with me).

I’m in to working with clients who want the truly remarkable, because if that’s not where you’re going where’s the fun? It’s got to feel good to bring good results. I’m eager to talk with you about how we can share the adventure.


(And for those out for a story that goes deeper, scroll on to experience or just check out the Cliffs notes:Ad campaigns & Branding in all media / Strategic Positioning and Creative / Extensive Consumer, Non-Profit      and Corporate / Strong Client relations / Versatile in Identity, Retail, and UX Concepts / Love to play in      Social Media / Team Building and Leadership / Dynamic Collaborator/ Major Laker fan / Kick ass father / Once went down the Colorado through the Grand Canyon in a row boat / And I’m a great College lecturer)

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